I’m living in a nunnery

I live in a little dorm on campus, where we are under the constant surveillance of several small but severe Chinese ladies. We also, as I mentioned earlier, have a midnight curfew… this is something incomprehensible to me. I have never in my life had a curfew of any form, and now, at the age of 22, I am being told that I have to come home before midnight, or wait till 6am before I can enter my building. Apparently we are allowed to knock on the door after midnight a maximum of three times to wake the concierge and be let in before being mercilessly evicted.

It doesn’t end there. We have a reception which we have to walk past every time we enter and leave the building, and the ladies know everyone who lives here so any non-habitants are instantly recognisable. Today when I brought a boy over, the concierge actually asked for his PASSPORT, and said that they would return it to him when he left! When, after I had recovered from laughing, I asked why, she pointed to a sign on the wall outlining the stringent restrictions on visitors, including how they have to leave a form of ID at reception and be gone by 10pm. I couldn’t be bothered to explain (above all in Chinese) that he wouldn’t be staying for 10 minutes, let alone till 10pm, as we were simply undergoing the very unromantic exchange of toilet paper… Yet they said nothing at reception the other day when I had a female friend over for a few hours. Nunnery much?

Yet this is not strange for a Chinese university, where usually girls and boys are completely separated into different buildings. There are definitely boys living in this block, so I guess they’re easing the rules for the foreign summer school students. We are racking our brains to find ways around these constraints. We can crash at friends’ places where there are no curfews, but it’s hardly ideal. Maybe we should scout out some weak spots in the building, perhaps some large cracks in the wall or unlocked doorways through which we can sneak…


2 thoughts on “I’m living in a nunnery

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