Hey, hop on over to my current blog, where I’ll be living the Highlands Life in Scotland (technically I’ll be in the Lowlands but the wordplay doesn’t work as well!)

For those of you who know me, you’ll remember The Fondue Files and Les Franco-Files. So I’m a bit of a Files-phile it would appear; why not keep the theme going?

One year in Beijing is mine to plough and from which I hope to reap some fruitful and vaguely insightful blog posts (agricultural metaphors much?). The purpose of my visit? To attempt to cram in as many of the 80,000 Chinese characters as possible into my long-term memory and improve my mandarin enough to actually be able to claim that I can speak it.

I’m just a BBC (British born Chinese), banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside), vaguely confused young woman trying to get a hold of my ancestral tongue. Aside from a 5-week stint in the summer of 2012 (what a summer!), this is my first time all alone in China, without the protective screen of family around me; doubtless a whole load of chaos will ensue. If you care to come along for the ride, I’d be thrilled to have you with me…


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